Saturday, April 05, 2008

Need to buy lottery tickets

(Warning...cheeseball ahead.)

I swear my oldest, Duncan, is the luckiest person I've ever met. He wins everything! The first sign was when we went to an indoor waterpark a few years ago, he was probably 3. We were at the arcade. One of the first games we go to, you put the token in, it rolls down and has to go in a slot to win anything. He somehow managed to hit the jackpot right away! My husband stood there for at least half an hour while the tickets kept spitting out. While we were gathering up the tickets for that one, Duncan wanted to go do the claw game. You know the one where you never win anything? Well my 3 year old runs over there, puts in one token and runs back with 2 prizes at once!

Ever since then we've seen this happen all the time. He's extremely lucky!

The latest in his string of wins happened earlier this week. Our dentist office, Dr. Zouhary and Dt. Fisher over in Rossford has a monthly contest for a stuffed animal. They've been doing this since I was a little kid going there. My brother and I never won. It sucked :P So Wednesday we got a call that Duncan won!

When he went to pick up the animal, it got even was his favorite animal in the world, a turtle! Duncan has been collecting stuffed turtles for years. He's even been called a turtle, Duncan is a little pokey... always dragging behind in his own little world. But better yet, Duncan won Yertle the Turtle...the king of everything he can see. Duncan promptly told us Yertle would be king of his other stuffed animals :)

(I'm just glad my now 8 year old is still a kid enough to love his stuffed animals. I hope he hangs on for many more years)

And we ARE going to have him give us some numbers for the lottery soon!!

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