Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mr. Wiggles :)

I had a newborn session today... Mr. M was born over a month early! But he was doing well and while I thought he was teeny tiny at around 5 lbs. he was bigger than his older brother had been!

Little M was a real escape artist and wiggle worm. Whenever we put him down, even when he was sleeping, his legs and arms immediately popped out and started waving all over the place. I think his mom and dad are going to have a busy little guy when he can move around on his own.

Mom is a graphics artist and has the best taste in decorating her house! I wish I had gotten the boys in more of it! Definitely next time :) I had to include this ottoman, I want one!

I love new baby wrinkles:

Big brother was such a sweetie!

I had a chance to use my New Zealand wrap, doesn't he have the best hair?

It was so nice to meet you all!

I had caught up on my emails yesterday, but I have a ton of new ones... we went to Sidecut this morning, it was so beautiful out. Then working around the yard... then my session, then dinner, then bath and bedtime. The day just flew by. And now I am going to work on getting back to everyone. If you don't hear back from me today, tomorrow for sure!

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