Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little break, in-laws visiting

I'm a little disconnected right now... my in-laws are in town from the West coast and their sleeping area is my computer area. I have been moving my computer at night to get some work done, or I would get really behind!! But I don't have internet access when I do that. So I am checking email sporatically, if you need to talk to me ASAP, call me, my number is on my website.

I also had 3 reschedules this last week, between the weather and out of town trips. So lots to come in the weeks ahead! It also means my weekends are starting to look really busy...definitely call or email me soon if you're thinking about a session.

Ugh this weather!! I got a cool new prop I want to try out soon, but outside!!

OK...until later, enjoy the weekend if you can! I'll attach a few new favorites from the proofs I just finished:

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