Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ahhhh, I missed it!

I wanted to tell you all about another charity event...this one is so close to my heart. I thought it was tomorrow, but I just realized it was tonight! Who gets to go out on a school night?? Not me...

Tonight, there are lots of people having fun at the Toledo Children's Hospital Wizard of Oz themed event. Someone will win a session and a really cool coffee table album from me. I know it's too late to go to the event, but it is never too late to donate. Did you know they take toys? I never thought about it before I spent a week there with Aidan (11 months ago) and that wonderful playroom and library were lifesavers when you had a scared cranky little one. I really can't imagine the poor families that have to stay longer and the poor little kids who have to stay alone when their parents have to go back to work... They have a huge playroom and take all kinds of toys, they have video players and a library of videos they deliver to your room, video games, and books. It really kept Aidan's mind off of everything and was a good bribe tool to get him to cooperate with the nurses :)

Back to work... I tweaked my back a little, and my husband had been out of town all week so I had all the kid lifting duty myself...the computer chair was not where I wanted to be once they went to bed. but now he's back and I am feeling better but a little behind and trying to catch up!

Happy Leap day tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bribed my middle child...

I love his hat but he never will let me take pictures. One brownie and ice cream this weekend and he was happy to cooperate! I was thinking I needed to get the hat pictures in before it gets to warm out, but after today I don't know why in the world I was worried!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beautiful little girl

I had my contest winner session this morning... this little cutie is a year and a half old, has the most beautiful curls and blue eyes.

She's fast too...we had to keep catching her, she was having so much fun. I really love this family shot!

She has the sweetest personality too :)

I'll let you all know when she is up at Emma Louise. It was a pleasure to meet you M, S, and L!

I have a ton of emails, I will catch up tonight! It was a busy weekend...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

All I have to say is...

if you don't have tickets to the Lion King yet, BUY THEM NOW! OMG amazing show. Had a date night, but regretted that Duncan was missing it, he would have loved it...I will probably be buying tickets soon to take him (and I want to see it again!)

OK, one more thing I just got a package in the mail today and I'm dying to try it out... one of my photographer friends in New Zealand has her nanna knitting baby wraps for our group out of some of the best wool in the world. I got two and they are sooooo pretty and soft... I may have to borrow a dolly and do some test shots over the weekend!

Watch for the contest winner sneak peeks this weekend.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

More from yesterday...

Now that the little ones are in bed, I can finish what I started yesterday! I met this wonderful family...with an absolutely precious little guy. Here are a few more:

I'm going to catch up on emails now... hope you are all having a nice long weekend!

2 weeker

This little guy was so adorable!! and wiggly :) Mom and dad are in for trouble!

I have more, but I have a "helper" on my lap right now and she's ornery!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Valentine's day to everyone!!

You have probably already seen this, but what better shot for today?

Monday, February 11, 2008

The rest I promised...

A cool chair, a squishy face, and the leather couch. I tried to not go over-board with the vintage look and texture, so you'll have to click on it to view it larger and see what I did...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweet 1 month old

I met the most beautiful family in a gorgeous old house today. I have such a thing for old houses, I love the character... I grew up in old houses , but my first house (out in Portland) was brand new...after that I appreciated what my parents saw in the houses I grew up in. And have a great old house myself now. So I get extra excited when I pull up to a great old house like I did today.

:) And then the sweet little baby girl, I definitely got my baby fix. She is so pretty, isn't she?

Here are the first few sneak peeks for mom and dad, I have about 3 more to share, but I want to get some out for mom and dad to see before it's late late. I'm having fun with a cool leather couch, giving it a vintage feel with some texture. I'll try to put that up later tonight.

But for now, I'll share a little of my baby fix with you:

Friday, February 08, 2008

New lens

Just playing with my new lens that came in the mail today. It's perfect for newborns...I've rented it before, and I'm so excited to use it this weekend with 2 new babies.

Perfect for eye details :)

And look close at this one, the light from the windows make a really cool pattern in his eyes.

To help with my email issues, I now have a newletter sign up. I will only use this newsletter once or twice a month, I don't want to bother anyone! But please sign up to the right or you will no longer receive my news and specials in your inbox! I appreciate you taking the time :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Still having email problems

This time I've had a client get a failure trying to send me an email... if this is happening to you, please call! I will be contacting a few of you tomorrow, but if you are expecting an email from me and don't have it, let me know. I am all caught up on my replies back to clients. (my friends, yes, I know I am horribly behind!)

I just finished my first 5x5 art album for the 1 year old twins... it's so adorable, I am going to check with mom and dad about getting another one for a sample...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Just 1, cutie pie 1 year old

Quick 1 and then bedtime... She's so adorable! Another repeat...I love watching the babies grow up! Went for a film grain look to my black and white, love the old feel to this.

Lucy has a cold and was very cuddly this weekend. Poor thing, but I do love her sweet little head on my shoulder. Her nap time was cut very short today, so I am a little behind on album designs.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Email Issues and custom wrap

It's come up recently that a client wasn't receiving emails from me. I tried emailing myself and it went to my Bulk folder...well that isn't good!! So please, if you were expecting an email from me and didn't receive anything, call or email me and let me know!!! And check your Bulk/Spam/Jumk folders or blocked address list (I hope I'm not in there!)

In the meantime, I did too much research into what could cause this tonight. One thing I found is that some email filters don't like when you link to the site I use to blog. I've taken that link out, emailed myself again and it went through to my inbox, yeah!!! SOO, hopefully that is solved, but I am now wondering what all got lost. I apologize to you all!!

I've been busy trying to work this weekend on some albums and canvas custom orders... and I have another session to get to and put a sneak peak up here, hopefully I can get that up tomorrow!

One last thing...I've been working on a sample for the 12x12 decorative canvas to bring along to show. I just found this program where I can show you what it will look like until you see me next! Cool huh? I'm working on this one for Lucy's room, two birds, one stone :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

New Store

Thinking about the benefit, I almost forgot the other news I wanted to share...

The new Emma Louise store is open!! Still in Levis Commons, closer to the main strip, right near Fiddlestix if you know where that is. I went in today to deliver the contest winner picture and I just ADORE the new look! I will have to get the name of the talented lady that painted the designs on the walls... you have to go in and see. And I was excited when I saw some of the new things they're selling, more gift items. The cutest rain jackets and matching boots which I will have to get for some fun puddle splashing sessions! Spring will be here soon!

And check out the new contest winner gallery on my site and don't forget to enter for next month!

I will have some new pictures tomorrow!

A great cause!

If you are looking for something to do tomorrow night and help out a local family at the same time, consider going to the Share Your Love Benefit for the Babcock family. You can bid on a session with me and some other great auction items and enjoy a great meal. While I don't personally know the Babcocks, my heart goes out to them and I hope the benefit is a huge success!

Here are the details:
Saturday, February 2, 2008 - 5 – 8 p.m.
Held at Maumee United Methodist Church
Spaghetti Dinner - Silent Auction Entertainment for ALL ages
Plan now to share your love with Valerie, Eric & Lydia Babcock as Eric recovers from surgery and treatments for cancer. A fund-raiser spaghetti dinner, silent auctionand an evening of entertainment is planned for Saturday, Feb. 2nd. You can help by:
This benefit is being hosted by MUMC members, Preschool Board & Friends in conjunction with Thrivent Lutheran Brotherhood which will match funds raised through this event.