Sunday, January 27, 2008

The contest winner for Feb...

The winner this month is a February baby...years ago! She's also a repeat client and I love visiting their house, they have the most beautiful light and woodwork!

And she is such a fun girl!

Although mom wanted a serious look... I think she'll LOVE this one!

But we were quickly back to Miss Smile:

I have a ton of emails to get back to and I am working on them! Please be patient with me! With the big birthday boy's parties, running errands, cleaning, and shoots I didn't even turn the computer on until this afternoon!

I did see that the Junior League Chocolate Soiree was a big success! I'm so excited for them and to meet the family that won the session and coffee table album!

One last thing, if you haven't noticed yet, I have a new look! I've gotten some great response to my new site... just realize it is still under construction! I have to resize all the pictures and have been working back from my more recent sessions before I go to the older ones on my external drive. So keep watching for changes!

Don't forget to email me to get in on the next contest! The new Emma Louise store will be open in a week!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just Lucy

Just a few of Lucy, most from today...

Thanks Grandma! Lucy loved her Christmas gifts!

No smiles for me today...she knows all my tricks.

Aww baby...

She dumped the whole box of legos and then gave me this look:

Stay tuned for the contest winner's session! Don't forget to sign up for next month...

I am working on my website and I am *this* close! So check it out, let me know what you think, but ignore the mess!

Aidan turns 4 tomorrow...I mean today! Whah! I can't believe it! We've got 3 days in a row of partying so I apologize if it takes me a little longer to get back to you...but I will get back to you!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Still here!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while... I am still here just very very busy! Working on sessions, web site, updating the ordering system with the new packages, learning some new software that will rock once I get the hang of it!

I got my coffee table sample album in! I took a few pictures today because this will be going to the Junior League soon to display for their auction. Which is Friday, here is the link for more info:;jsessionid=01330E28C892304B84184535B86CD63A?pg=fundraiser&article=505

The auction will be for a session and one of these albums! You can get so creative with them too. Simple and modern, bright and fun, vintage or shabby.

I am probably including too many shots, but I LOVE these books! I will be ordering a 5x5 inch sample soon and a few for myself.

The cover and frosted sleeve:

The cover without the sleeve:

The back cover:

Some inside pages:

Monday, January 14, 2008

New prices and the Chocolate Soiree

Well, I finally broke down and put my new prices up on the current website. I had wanted to launch the price changes and the new site at once... I am working hard to get the new site done, but I am such a perfectionist it's slow going. Plus I am working on so many other things!

So you can check out the new prices, collections, packages, and offerings here:

The main things I changed
  • I lowered the prices of my 11x14 and larger prints and canvases. I think these look so much better on walls...I want to see more ordered and really show off those adorable kids!

  • I've added a Boutique section. This includes all kinds of specialty items like those coffee table albums that look like scrapbooks, or styled in simple art book form to show off the images. I have sets of low resolution digital files in the boutique so you can put the pictures on your iPod or myspace or those digital frames you got for Christmas.

  • I'm designing square canvas wraps that will be customizable to your child's room decor.

  • The collections and baby packages are now totally flexible. Each has a credit you can spend however you want. I also increased the value of all the collections and packages.

  • AND all the collections include digital files and a release to print them as many times as you would like.

I'm not done with all my changes, so watch here for more soon!

I thought I would share some of the calendar pages that the contest winners are going to receive, I love these calendars, so cute!

And finally... I want to share some information about a wonderful program I am excited to support! The Toledo Junior League are throwing the Chocolate Soiree fundraiser on Jan. 25. The event features chocolate dessert tasting and live music by Johnny Rocker and the Hitmen...what more could you ask for? The fundraiser supports all the wonderful community work the Junior League does right here in Toledo. There is also a silent auction which will include a session with me and a custom 10x10 inch coffee table album!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The top three images were all so close, there were many many times when they all had the exact same number of votes... so I have decided that both 2nd and 3rd place get calendars!

Soooooooo in 3rd place is this yummy chubby baby:

In 2nd place was little Mr. Serious:

And in a come from behind win is Miss I Am So Done With That Camera:

Congratulations to you all! I will be emailing you with the details! Thank you to everyone for voting!


Man, that was soooo close! I am trying to see if I can show the results to you... give me a couple minutes. 1st place won by 1 vote!

I'll be back in a couple minutes... meanwhile don't do this:
OK...I have figured out a decent way to show you how close it all was... look at these charts (I like charts)
I'll reveal the winners at 11...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

22 hours left to vote!

I just have to say how much fun I've been having watching the votes come in! It is soooo close it's pretty unbelievable.

At one point yesterday there was a 3 way tie for 1st. Just a vote or two seperate them now and it's constantly changing!

OK, back to work...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

First newborn of the year...

...was supposed to be my last newborn of the year. This beautiful little girl was only 17 days late! She had the biggest, most beautiful eyes! Which more than made up for her not wanting to sleep for me at all. Definitely click to see these eyes bigger!

Now, I am amazed by these next ones... she was only 8 days old and giving big real smiles to her mom and dad!

I have so many was so hard to pick for the sneak peak! I haven't had much time this weekend to work, but I wanted to get these out and see what her mom thinks to get started on her birth announcement. I may share more soon.

Don't forget to vote and get your friends to vote! I am having fun watching the results, they are SOOO close!

I have a bunch of emails to return and will try to later tonight after the crazies, um kids, get to bed.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Favorites of 2007

OK, the contest is on! I tried really hard to narrow it down to 10, but I just couldn't, so we have 20 entries!! I limited it to 1 per family so you won't have to split your votes. Choosing the images was so hard and I apologize to anyone left out!

First, the prizes! First place gets to choose the pendant of their choice! Tile or frame, excluding the "All My Heart Locket" Lots of others to choose from, check them out here:

Second place is a 5x7 calendar from my favorite designer. Includes 12 prints, you switch them out of your frame every month. See examples here:

Next the rules/details. One vote per computer...I can see if you cheat :) Voting ends Jan 9 at 8PM EST Email your friends and family, post on your forums...whatever you want to do is fair game. I will be having my friends, family, and photographer friends vote as well to get some impartial votes too.

And now the entries:





















Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

A little late with my wishes for the new year, sorry! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season!

I've been crazy busy as always! Since I started the business early in the year, I've been told again and again it will slow down after Christmas... I'm still waiting! Just kidding, I am so grateful for you all and love what I am doing!

Lots to share today... first is that I am still waiting to put the January winner up at the store. I didn't get the session in before my lab closed for the holidays (I also didn't realized they closed for 10 days in a row...) So as soon as I get her picture up I will let you know! Don't forget to email me or sign up in the store!

Next is a new offering, custom coffee table books. I am designing them myself with you in mind, and we can go modern and let the images stand out on their own or go for a fun creative scrapbook feel. I just sent in my order for my sample book (they were closed until today too!!) and here are the cover and first page:

Cover (back/binding/front): (definitely click to see larger, it looks tiny here...)

First page:

These books will be available in 10x10 and 5x5 versions. Standard are 20 pages, but more pages are available. I will put some pictures up when I get mine in, you will love them! They are definitely the highest quality and such a cool way to show off your kids...

A new website and new pricing are also coming soon! Don't worry, I will not be raising prices on my 8x10s, 5x7s, wallets... I am trying to make my collections simple and add more digital file options. I'm also adding one of a kind things like the new books and square decorative canvases!

But wait, there's more! Ha ha... the best of 2007 contest will start soon! First place will be a photo pendant and second a 5x7 custom calendar using images from your session... stay tuned and get your friends ready to vote!

Finally, some pictures of Lucy (she was the only cooperative one) for Grandmas: