Monday, October 29, 2007

Apple Orchard

I had a mini session at the MacQueen apple orchard tonight. Little C was such a cutie pie! He had the most adorable curls!

This shoot made me even more excited for my sessions Saturday. There are so many beautiful spots there...

It was so nice to meet you D and C!
I have one spot left for Saturday, left me know ASAP if you are interested!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Don't tell mom :) This brother/sister pair were so sweet to do this for their mom... and they braved the ugly weather. I want shots like these when my kids grow up.

I also want to set up a studio on their property. Gorgeous! Loved this shed behind a little bridge over a stream... the whole gang:

Who says skipping is just for kids?

Then we got a few with their boyfriend and girlfriend and dog...

I really enjoyed meeting you all today! And guys, I hope it wasn't too painful :)
And I want to say hi to my new favorite Tennessee resident! Another photographer let me know you are complimenting me to your clients! THANK YOU :) (and wow, what a small world!!) Drop me a note if you have a chance and let me know which of my clients is your nephew... and hey, I travel and have never been to Tennessee he he...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Some of mine

From the pumpkin patch last weekend. Missing my oldest as usual because he was being too goofy. I'm going to try this weekend, he's got a new hat and looks so grown up in it.

Lots of stuff I am behind on, so I am getting back to work!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Try again...

Whew... it's been crazy just since I posted last! I thought I was going to sleep...Miss. Lucy had other ideas. She's usually a great sleeper too. Luckily Tim was able to finally calm her down early early this morning. tire blew on 23 in the rain and dark this morning. I totally freaked out as I was swerving in heavy traffic...made it to the tireman at the exit, and walked for half an hour in the rain. Now I'm just waiting for them to open. Funny thing is Tim gave me a hard time for wearing my ballet flats this morning in this weather, and I didn't think it was a big deal since I wouldn't be out in it! My feet are squishing :)

OK, the rest of my weekend sessions...

I LOVE H's piggy tails here, isn't she adorable? I love that coat too, I wanted to get it for Lucy but they didn't have her size...the more I see it the more I love it, I might have to search online, hmmm...

Sunday I had my session with 3 year old twins that had been postponed twice for weather. We couldn't have picked a better day! The girls were so gorgeous...and fast! I was exhausted by the end, there were too many stairs at this park!

Meet C:

I came home with a purse full of leaves, sticks, pinecones, and those long pod-things. They were so sweet!

And S:

We were checking out the geese on the way out:

If you look close at this one you can see goose spit/drool lol! I can't believe she got so close!! Mom and dad seemed ok with it, I was a little bit nervous this would turn into a wild animal attack shoot...

Some more from the rest of my weekend

Quick post, time for bed again... after I get all the school paperwork out of the way. Where does the time go??

Ugh, I have tried 5 times to upload pics and keep getting errors. I will try again first thing in the morning, I am sorry for those who are waiting!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sneak peek from the November contest winner!

I haven't had time to get on the computer for more than 5 minnutes all weekend...til now! Time to catch up.

First, I wanted to go through my shots from my session with G, the 9 and a half month adorable little boy who won the first child of the month contest! I got sooo many great pictures of him during our mini session, but I am going to hold back my favorites until I choose THE portrait for the store display...I want that one to be a surprise on November 1. So here are 2 for now, and mom and dad, don't worry, I won't hold them back from you...I will email you soon with the rest.

Time to go work some more... J and L, I will try to get a sneak out tonight for you too, but it may be tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More cards!

Two more Christmas cards! Let me know if you like all of them if you have a chance!

Had another reschedule tonight because of the weather. Lets cross our fingers for the weekend... tomorrow I get to meet my little contest winner!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Incorrect emails and Christmas cards

Just wanted to let you know I put some new Christmas cards up last night. One of them is my favorite...guess which! click:

And, I sent out the email about the contest winner and next month's drawing. If you didn't get one, you either only gave me your phone number or I messed up your email address and I got a failure notice.

I received failures for Jill with 2 (kids! lol maybe that will help everyone figure out if I am talking about them!), Marjie with 3, JacQue with 2, Celina with 2, Heather who is expecting, Karen with 2, Lori with 1, Shawna with 1, Heather with 1, Andrea with 1, Serena with 3, Sue with 2, Staci with 2, Susan with 3, Melissa with 2, Amy Jo with 2, Beth with 1, Barbie with 2, and Pam with 4.

Either way, if you want to get in on the contest and win a mini session and 8x10 free and have your child be a star at Emma Louise during December, email me here:

The rest of my year is almost booked up, so let me know quick if you're interested so we can fit your session in!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Winner and the orchard

Whew... I just want to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly wonderful response I received at the festival Sunday! I had a great day and I really enjoyed talking to and meeting as many of you as I did. I know I got cut short with others or didn't get a chance to get to some of you... you can always call or email me! I really think this is the best job in the world :)

I ended up putting 379 entries into my database after the weekend, what a wonderful turnout for a brand new contest! The random software choose #245, and I will be trying to get in touch with the mom of that child very soon...

I will send out an email to everyone tonight, if you do not receieve it I either did not get your email address or I had a hard time reading it and accidentally typed the wrong address. If you do not get something by tomorrow and would like to be on my list, please let me know! I don't like "spam" type emails any more than you do, so I promise I only send emails out when I have something good!

I have a few spots left for the MacQueen apple orchard mini sessions...I know there were some waiting to find out if they won or not first... so let me know ASAP if you are interested or you will miss out! I have one more weekend day open before the Christmas deadline, and will either set up more mini sessions or one full session based on what requests I get first...

Also, I added this to my mini session information on my website, but I want to let you know here too... based on a request, the mini packages with cards can be upgraded to full sessions for larger families for an extra $50. Great deals and only available until Thanksgiving weekend!

We went to an apple orchard Saturday and while my boys were off searching, I took a few pics of Lucy... I wish she had let me take her coat off, but they are still cute :) And she has definite photographer's child syndrome, she will not look at the kids are the hardest to work with!!

PS - L , I am so glad we postponed today, yicky weather!!

Booth and orchard pics

Real quick before I crash... Here are a few pictures of my booth for those that were asking:

And a few of Lucy at the apple orchard Saturday. The boys were off trying to find golden delicious...the trees were almost bare. OK, those will have to wait, blogger is giving me errors :(


PS - Contest for the November child of the month has ended! I will announce the totals and let the winner know as soon as possible!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


OK, can you tell I am ready for bed??

WOW! What an exciting and long day! The Applebutter Festival in Grand Rapids was a blast! I really enjoyed meeting all the new families and kids and seeing lots of familiar faces!

It was really such a great way to show off some of my products that you can't get a good feel for ordering online. The canvas was a HUGE hit, as well as the brag book (the accordian style book) and the session album. Oh and the mounted storyboard with the beveled edges really got attention too!

And of course my gorgeous past and current clients in my pictures were a big draw. I want to thank those moms and dads who allow me to display their children's portraits.

I actually ran out of the 500+ business cards I had and went halfway through my stack of postcards...which were geared toward babies, but apply to any session.

I also have tons of entries for the Emma Louise contest to add...tomorrow is the last day! The drawing will be Tuesday unless I am not able to enter everyone in time...will try my best!

But for now I am crashing, it's been a very long day and week and month :) I have a lot of emails to get back to, I didn't get a chance to get on my computer all I apologize and I promise to return them tomorrow.

OH! And I decided to put Christmas cards up bit by bit, I haven't had time to get to all of them. These two are by a wonderful designer named Tina. I just love them:

Watch for more soon!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mini package

There are a limited number of mini sessions available at MacQueens apple orchard on Nov 3. These sessions are suitable for one or two children, 6 months and up. I have a pretty brown blanket, perfect for fall and/or a basket for them to sit in at that age. Depending on interest, I may set up another mini session day, this time at a park. I will also offer limited mini sessions at your homes, contact me for details.

Mini sessions will only be available until November 25.

I will post Christmas card examples tonight or tomorrow. They are really beautiful and will stand out...the flat cards are not your typical card. They have designs and pictures on both sides. I like to put an out-take or feet picture on the back. They are printed press quality not photo paper.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


OK, I feel like I am the principal at school or sit down and pay attention please!

He he...I need some sleep!

I have been working crazy hours the last few weeks. I've had several "projects" in the works in addition to my normal sessions and editing.

First... This is the LAST week to enter the Emma Louise Child of the Month contest for November!! Next Monday Oct. 15 is the deadline. We've had a ton of interest and I am so excited to find out who wins and set up our mini session! And then to put up a big print in the store and on my website! (which means I need to update my website...) So just email me your info or stop in at Emma Louise!

That all reminds me, have you heard Emma Lousie in the news when they are talking about the new shops opening at Levis Commons? I'm so excited to see what their new layout looks like. Did you know right now they are off to the left when you enter, way over by the apartments? I discovered a new fun kid spot 2 doors down too, the East of Chicago over there has mini bowling lanes!! With little 3 year old friendly sized balls. Aidan was in heaven! (he went through a bowling obsession not too long ago...)

OK, back to announcements! I would not make a good principal!!

Second! I am going to have a booth at the Grand Rapids Applebutter festival this Sunday! I will be over by the Jr. High school, so come find me! I will have some recent shots printed up big, gift certificates, shower gifts which include gift certificates, sample albums, canvas, and sign ups for the contest and sign ups for sessions! So come visit and say hi...I'll be the exhausted one as set up starts at 4:30AM!!

Third... I have set up a fall mini session day for Saturday, Nov. 3. I have VERY limited openings, the sessions are 20 minutes, and this will be set up for 1 or 2 children only because of the time limits. If time allows I will do a quick family shot as well. $50 will reserve your session, and I will be publishing my packages for this tomorrow. Oh, I forgot the location is at MacQueen's orchard in Holland! I have a session next week where we were initially discussing the orchard as a location, but settled somewhere else...since I had already gotten permission from Marlene at MacQueens (Thanks Marlene!!) to shoot there, and thought it would be perfect for these sessions, the rows of trees, pond, and buildings are so beautiful...

The following Saturday will be my cut off date for Christmas card orders, so plan ahead!!

OK, back to work...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

These boys wore me out!

I am so tired after chasing these cuties around! Dad graciously offered me a juicebox...who would have thought it would be almost 90 in October? These two little guys were busy...and adorable!

Neatest story about this shoot. Mom saw the article about me in the July Toledo Parents news. Speed ahead to September when she decided to book, she noticed a few of the kids on my website looked familiar. It turns out that her oldest son is in my middle son's preschool class! She recognized him and one other little girl who had her family pictures taken. I thought that was pretty crazy alone, but it gets better!

So at the session this morning we were talking, and somehow she remembers that I used to live right down the street from her Grandmother and we used to play together as kids! I have the worst memory, but I do remember how excited I was when she was around to play girl stuff because our neighborhood was full of boys. It's wild what a small city this is.
I love how they shared the trike:
Big bro dropped Woody and did a little dance, so cute!
He has such a sweet shy little smile:
And I LOVE the little guy's big brown eyes:
Now, if this isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen...he rides the trike by sitting on the foot rest and using his feet instead of the pedals.
I hope you have a great vacation! Talk to you when you get back!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Check out the products blog for jewelry

Start thinking about Christmas gifts! Grandmas love pictures of their grandchildren, give them something they can show off to their friends. Or start hinting to your husband, I know mine has a hard time with gift ideas...

Not a good post without a picture, so here is one I took Monday while I was playing with a birthday lens :) You can see how Lucy's lip is all swollen, she looks like a duck poor baby...and you can see the blood on her shirt, that has stopped for now...until she hits it again, she is such a daredevil. She likes to climb up on the couch and jump. at 13 months. we're in trouble.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


And for G, and I know C and M are looking too :)

I could have stayed up all night proofing these shots from today...these boys are over the top handsome! Little B was the focus since he just passed his big half year milestone, and we caught some of Bigger B while he went along his busy way.

I had a hard time making myself try black and white on these because little B's eyes are incredibly blue...and this hat goes so well with them. and hello, what a hat!

I love this one in color, but yes mom they are girly a black and white here. Don't you wish you were still flexible enough to bend like this?

Big brother, don't you love his hair?

And another PERFECT nursery! I need to put together a decorating book with some of the baby rooms I have seen lately :) And what a doll this little guy is here!

OK, I am tearing myself away...I loved meeting your family today, I hope you like your sneak peek!
No. I lied. I posted this and then saw I had this one minimized and I had to edit it to show this too...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tooth and a sucker...

Well, I took Miss Lucy to the dentist this morning and all they could tell me is, yeah it looks bad! There's a lot of gum damage. So all we can do now is wait and see... poor baby girl seems to be feeling better unless I pull her shirt over her head and make her gums bleed...I felt so horrible last night!

I was trying to go back through some older pictures last night that I haven't touched... I have something coming up in 2 weeks and will be displaying a ton of my work. This is from back in May and I decided I love it. So Lucy.

And last night I made Aidan go out for a shoot with me...I have nothing of him lately since I'm much more boring than whatever he is looking down at all the time. It was pretty bright out, which is hard to believe with all this rain today, feels like a different world! He was still being a big old goof, but I love it! Definitely click on this one...his expression is priceless!