Saturday, September 29, 2007

Long night...

Well, the plan for tonight was to watch Knocked Up. But here I am. Why, do you ask? At about 8 tonight, Lucy fell and knocked one of her top front teeth up into her gums. You can barely see the tooth anymore and it looks like it twisted. Not good. Both our white shirts were covered in blood.

I talked to the after hours nurse at our pediatrician's office and two dentists...all we can do is wait. It's pretty likely she will lose the tooth or it will move back down but turn yellow because the blood vessels that connect to it are damaged.

After all the trama, I finally got her to bed late and wasn't in the mood for a funny movie. Instead I worked on a really cool new way to get my welcome information out to new clients!

And I wanted to give you a sneak peak of one of the great Christmas card options I am going to offer! Now this picture is really old, and this is actually cropped from a photo of this picture in a frame...but I think the picture fits the sentiment perfectly!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Couple quick things!

I have a really busy week... working on a ton of stuff, but I wanted to make sure I get these out there before I forget AGAIN!!

1st, check out my display at Emma Louise in Perrysburg. We put it up on Saturday and I keep forgetting to mention it here. When you go into Levis Commons, go to the second left and take that road past the shops and restaurants to the last set of buildings on the left across from the apartments. Make sure you sign your kids up for the contest! Lots of entries so far!

2nd, Chicago sessions are closed. Let me know if you want to be on a waiting list. I will probably come back in the spring...

3rd, start thinking about Christmas cards! I am going to set up some mini sessions with card packages. I will give out more details soon, but I have some gorgeous designs in the works. I want to get all card orders in before December starts...

No pictures that I can share tonight, sorry!! Soon :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've been tagged

I wrote almost all of this last night and had to save as a draft and then forgot!! so here goes a long-winded one!

There's been a game going around the world of photographers and their blogs. I've been tagged by the super talented Amanda,

So I have to give 8 facts about myself...stuff most of you might not know. hmmm.

1 - If you couldn't tell by the time of most of my posts, I am a night owl. I get a second wind at 9 or 10 and make myself go to bed at 1 or 2 even though I'm not tired. 6 AM wake up sucks though!

2 - My degree is in electrical and computer engineering. But most of the time my brain feels like I didn't get through 6th grade...I don't know if the bars on campus or the kids have done more damage to my brain!

3 - After being desperate to leave the boring cold city of Toledo all my young life...I am back here, less than a mile from the 2 houses I lived in from 1st grade on. And I like it here! Except for winter...then I want to be back out west, the rain wasn't so bad.

4 - I rowed in college (you know those 8 person boats?) and then again at clubs in Portland and Toledo. I even rowed at times when I was pregnant, which I am sure was funny to see. I haven't gone out since Aidan was born because I don't get enough time with the kids as it is.

5 - Height is an advantage in rowing. I'm 6'0" tall. Which is why the coach came running down the street after me at freshman orientation! I hated being so tall growing up...I still do a lot of the time.

6 - After years of telling my husband no...yes I did want to name Aidan after the character on Sex and the City. He was cute and the perfect guy...he always did and said the right things. Darn that Carrie for breaking his heart!! (and it's a cute name so there!)

7 - My favorite TV show is Survivor. I even applied a couple times... I always watch it and think about how I would play better and beat them all. Of course lately it's a bunch of young punks they put on, not so much fun to watch anymore...

8 - And...I am horribly bad at keeping up with emails to my friends. I have a ton in my inbox and when I think about replying I stress out about who to write back to first and then what if I don't get to them all?!? LOL...I am sorry! And they know I'm pathetic and still are my friends, so thank you!! :)

I will tag some others, but will have to go see who hasn't played yet!

And I finished proofing one of my sessions late last night. I will email mom this weekend once I have time to upload the pictures and get the slideshow finished. Here are one of each for you M:

It cracked me up when she was doing this: so cute!!

I had happy ones of her before, so I don't feel bad sharing a serious one because she is stunning:

And so I don't get in trouble with my mom, here are mine. 1st, I can't believe how long and skinny Duncan is getting:

Aidan, I got some where he was looking at me and smiling for once, but this one just is so him. If you look close you can see the fuzz on his forehead too, still my baby :)

And Lucy. So strong-willed and independant at just 1 already. So into her yogurt as you can see here: (and mommy brag, she very clearly says yogurt. every.single.time.we.pass.the.fridge!!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More details and your questions answered!

OK, I am back with more details...I was tired last night :)

The quick scoop...enter your kids and you could win a mini session (half hour) and get to pick an 8x10 from that session for free! AND your sweet little one will be displayed BIG for a month on both my website and in a big framed picture at Emma Louise in Levis Commons!

Now, I know some people are concerned about their children's pictures being displayed...and I completely respect that. I have not shown sessions on my website or blog when parents have any worries at all, you can always just let me know! I will tell you that I never use names and they will not be used in this promotion. But if you win and don't want the display, you will still get the free session and print. We will chose someone else for the display.

That said, your child, or older siblings if it's a baby, (or grandparents) are going to be so excited to see that display at Emma Louise! I have heard so many times how cool kids think it is to see themselves on my blog...

Now...don't wait to book a session because you want to win! I'm booking up fast, especially for the rest of the beautiful fall weather outside sessions! Soo... if you book a session, your kids names go in the drawing. If you win, your prize just gets transfered to a print credit to get prints from your session! Plus if you read the fine print, you get a complimentary 8x10 if you mention the contest when you book :)

OK, one last thing! I had someone tell me today they wanted to email the flyer to friends but didn't know how. So, look right below the contest post, there is a little mail envelope symbol. Click on that and type in the email addresses! Easy...

OK, back to working on proofs, I've got some gorgeous ones I'm so excited about! Hope you're all enjoying this weather!

Excited to announce...

OK, bed time...if you can't read this, check out my website!

Entry forms will also be at Emma Louise by the end of the week...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Chicago trip

I promised details of my Chicago trip...I've been so busy, so I apologize for the delay.

The dates are October 12-13. I will set up 1 hour sessions on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday (with breaks of course)

We will pick 2 or 3 locations, a park with the fall colors, the beach, and somewhere in the city. I'm sure Robert can find a place for me, think cool brick alleys, old wrought iron, stairways, cute shops, even graffiti - lots of variety! If there is bad weather, his front room with the big windows and hardwood is perfect. (Or umbrella and puddle-splashing shots if you're brave!)

All ordering will be online, I have a shopping cart similar to Amazon's on my website. I will then ship directly to you. Early October will leave plenty of time to order Christmas cards if you would like. I will have samples up on my website before October, I have around 10 designs to choose from in all kinds of styles.

I will set up more formal times and details once I know how much interest there is. When you email me, could you please let me know if you would like to schedule Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday and if you would prefer park, beach, or city.

Edited to add one more thing... I got asked about this, I will not be charging for the extra distance with my session fee.

Gorgeous little girls...

Totally wore me out! You would think I'd be prepared having 2 kids the same age...they were both so excited to explore, I just tried to keep up!

They were so adorable and so sweet, I had a great time!

I love the just learning to walk poses :)

She looks like a model here, I couldn't decide between black and white or color, they were both gorgeous!

A smile to start out before the serious running started:

She wasn't happy...

But it didn't last 30 seconds:

She coordinated her flower grabbing with her least she didn't eat this one :) I love this age, it's so much fun!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I've been busy proofing and I just have to share this one...look at those eyes! My goodness, you can see her whole front yard in them.

And I tried this one in black and white...not sure why I didn't the first pass, but I love it this way:

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


OK mom, you wanted real's what you get! I just love it, she is such a good, fun girl :) I couldn't resist this one tonight, put a smile on my face after a long day!

I changed my blog header too. I was trying to think of a good catch-phrase, and it occured to me that I am always working and posting when the rest of the normal people I know are sleeping... so it just fit, and looking for a good sleeping picture, I couldn't resist this recent newborn!

I am going to post some details of how my Chicago sessions are going to work tomorrow... I'm really excited, I just love Chicago, and especially all the amazing scenery to shoot around. You can go to the beach, a park, cool alleys, neat old architecture, wrought iron fences, cute storefronts...all within a few blocks!

I'm going to bed before 1 for once, see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sweet, sweet baby...

Doesn't she look like she belongs in a magazine?

I just loved this one from yesterday, had to get it up for a sneak peek :) I'll have more of her and her big sis later...

A had his first day of preschool today so we took the day off. After a brief screaming tantrum before breakfast, the rest of the day went amazingly well!

I started a new blog for products, to give you an idea what my storyboards, canvases, albums, etc look like. And I will put some Christmas card examples up there soon too. Not yet though, I can't think about cold and snow just yet!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Some vintage horse fun :)

Just 2 from the party we went to out in Fremont yesterday...