Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Keepin the G-ma happy...

So busy right now, but I got a cute one of Lucy that I had to show off... we went to Wildwood this weekend as our only escape from potty training H-E-double hockey sticks. We do have the most stubborn toddler on the planet. 4 hours on the potty through all kinds of bribes. And there were hours before that where he didn't go, so it wasn't like he had an empty bladder! Anyway, I got a couple cute ones of the boys while we were there too, but those will have to wait another day or two.
I just had to show this one, because this is the most typical view of her lately... cruising around on whatever she can find, looking for trouble, and then checking to see where mom is.

What else is new? Working on proofs, trying to figure out the camcorder/computer connection, Duncan lost his other front tooth, Tim started his new job...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Just one maternity shot...

...before bed! I'm tired, but I couldn't help myself! C, J, and J: you have such a beautiful family and home, it was so nice to meet you! W is one lucky baby, can't wait to meet the sweetie too!
Definitely click on this one to see it larger, I love it :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Toothless wonder + more Chicago

OK, gotta keep to my promises no matter how goofy he looks, here is Duncan without one top front tooth. The other one is so loose now, it is hanging crooked right in the middle.

And a decent look:

Uh, who was supposed to be watching Aidan? (OK, don't report us, isn't Lake Michigan international waters? No really, this was totally staged...)

Yes, Sydney could be a fire extinguisher as much as she goes potty:

Love the blue of the water and the reflection in his glasses. See if you all can pick yourselves out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back from Chicago

Had a long weekend in Chicago for my brother's 30th birthday. We had a lot of fun, went out on his boat Friday, the weather was perfect! Saturday we were all over the city...and I commited the photographer's worst mistake. I left my battery plugged in and charging at the hotel. Which was only 10 miles away, but you know Chicago traffic. I was kicking myself all day and I still get depressed thinking about it.

Here's Rob on his boat. Yep, he's single! (I get asked all the time)

Here is his new puppy, Sydney:

I'm finally getting around to my 4th of July pictures, here is Aidan badly in need of a haircut, but with a good smile. (yes his hair has been cut since then)

And Lucy, with her 4th of July tattoo and her baby. It's so cute how much she "moms" the baby, the boys never touched them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I put the special offer for babies and maternity up on the Prices page of my website last night. I just know I'll be busy when we get back from Chicago and didn't want to forget. The offer expires August 31, but that means you must contact me before then, your actual session can be after that date. Remember newborns photograph best in the first 2 weeks of life. If you are interested in maternity but aren't really sure what it is...since I haven't seen a lot of it done in this area, let me know and I can show you some examples. I wish I had somewhere to go when I was pregnant!

There were from almost 2 weeks ago, but I have been too busy to get them up. I have 4th of July and some pics of Duncan's new smile without one of his top front teeth too. Maybe tonight? I figure I better get something out there or one of the Grandmas is going to come beat me up.

She is soooo close to walking...but for now she can get around the whole house by cruising the edges of things. And she is so thrilled with herself about it too! It's the open mouth happy screech!

Baby yoga?

Have to throw in a black and white...you probably can't see the cute drool running down her chin while she's concentrating on that grass.

I don't know why, but these next 2 remind me of Miss America pagents, clapping for the runner up announcements:

And the obligitory, oh, you didn't really just say I won? Oh, I am so excited I am going to cry now face:

And I'm a sucker for feet shots:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

OK, one more!

OK, I forgot I wanted to add this one earlier...too cute!

More of the fun boys...

I have a couple more great shots I have to share with you from an older session:

This was just too fun. And I need this chair :)

Can you feel the love?

I thought this was so sweet:

I am busy as usual... getting through a lot of pictures, working on some brochures for all of you that asked to pass some out to friends or leave out at work. We've got a trip to Chicago coming up for both fun and work... watch out for some puppy portraits on my sites soon!

I've got a baby special lined up for when I get back too... I'm on a roll with older kids, which I love and have been having a blast with... but it's been a while for any sweet babies! If you're interested and can't wait, email me ( jen26mott@yahoo.com ) and I'll get you the information and set you up for a spot when I get back!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I always post my favorites from sessions right away, the first ones that jump out at me. I always find new favorites while I'm editing. I think I'll start posting some of those too.

So pretty!

Love pictures that show how small little ones are...

What a cutie and love the iron work:

And she got goofy, I just think it's so cute :)

And an update from Michelle Wagner, she will not be running for office this coming election. I still encourage you to vote in the primary!

I got my hair chopped... it was getting way too long, it's been too hot, and I was ready for a change. It's a bit shorter than I planned, but I was able to donate 3 big ponytails to Locks of Love. www.locksoflove.org

Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


I spent some time yesterday updating my website with some new pictures. Trying to keep the numbers in each gallery down is hard, I have soooo many that I love! ( I've read that most people don't look past the first couple shots, more and they get bored or overwhelmed )

I went through some older files too and found this one: Look at those eyes and cheeks :)

I've got some more proofs ready, I'll be emailing links for those soon... a couple more to work on, AND I took pictures of my own kids on the 4th and yesterday and I may actually look and see what they look like today!

Oh, and if you're like me and read more than one blog, I found the greatest thing, bloglines! Instead of checking every blog I like every couple days, I add the link to my blogline account, I go in there once a day and it shows me which blogs are updated and I can read the updates right there! So very cool!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Here are the first shots that jumped out at me from a playfully boyish shoot. We had so much fun! And the kids couldn't believe this was really "getting pictures taken"

Love this car! I may have to get my own for future shoots...

And my favorite...they were PATIENTLY waiting for their suckers ;)

OK, if you're not laughing look again...in the background...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The NEWS...

OK, the big news I was hinting at? Here is the article that came out in the Toledo Area Parents news today. It'll be on news stands all month, so pick one up! They called me up a week or two ago and asked if they could do an article on me...and there it is.

Click on it, my blog resizes things small, and I took a picture of it since my scanner is in the attic somewhere.

I am still editing all my June sessions, getting some gorgeous shots! I can't wait to show the families!