Saturday, March 31, 2007

5 night, 6 day vacation...

At the hotel de Children's hospital...

I am so glad to be home in my own bed and not being woken up by nurses all night long.

For those who didn't know, Aidan woke up from a nap Sunday throwing up, shaking, burning up, and his hands and lips were blue. He had been throwing up all day Saturday, but no fever and a couple kids at daycare had similar things.

Oh, Saturday was Duncan's 7th birthday! So we had his family party that night, Aidan slept through most of it.

So I took Aidan to the ER and his temp was 105.7 which freaked me out. They tortured him there, he was dehydrated, so thy couldn't find a vein the first 3 tries. He had to have a catheter, he had to have blood taken. They admitted him. An x-ray showed he was full of poop and his stomach was extremely bloated from that.

So the next several days they kept telling me they were giving him some enema that always works, or one time this medicine through a tube in his nose to his stomach that is what they give people to clear them out for a colonoscopy. He got some cleared out but they found he had an obstruction and he ended up having to go to surgery to get it removed Thursday night.

Thursday was the worst, he had to fast from midnight the night before, and we thought we might have it done in the morning. Well by 4 he was screaming that he needed pizza over and over. The poor thing didn't understand.

We finally got out of there Friday around lunch time... now we get to try to get more fiber in his diet and really work to regulate his system.

Thanks to everyone that helped out!! The Wagners for keeping Duncan Sunday, mom and dad for taking Duncan and Lucy many many times, for feeding and bathing them, and cutting their nails. :) And helping at the hospital and with the party preparations and grocery shopping. Thanks for the gifts to keep him occupied. Thanks Elyse for helping with the party and while I ran errands. thanks for everyone's concern!

If you ever have toys, books or videos to get rid of, consider donating to a hospital. The playroom and videos were such a god send keeping his mind off wanting to go home and wanting to have people leave him alone.

Today was Duncan's kid party and OMG what a bad idea 13 boys running around my house for 3 hours was! We had his art teacher come in and they all made superheros with their faces on them. It was cute!

Here are a couple I took of Lucy Sunday morning before everything happened... I was just practicing. I have a ton more to go through, but I wanted to see how these turned out so I figured I put them up here while I was at it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

New software!

Now I am so overwhelmed by all there is to learn... Lucy was fussing last night, so I sat at the computer with her and played around with some pictures for a while...

An older one of Duncan that Tim loves because it's a real smile, so I wanted it in black and white for the living room...

I love wrinkly baby feet:

Click on this one if you have time, her eyes are SOOO blue!

I just love this one of Aidan:

I thought I put this one in here last time, opps. This was when Aidan was sick with an ear infection and fell asleep on the couch. Do you see Mickey peeking? I'm amazed at what different kids he and Lucy are this week now that they are feeling better!

Sunday, March 18, 2007



Look what I scored after a short wait in line outside Toys R Us this morning...

I was against getting a video game system, but this one is fun :)

I still didn't get my new photo software in the mail, so I am waiting to play with any pictures til then.

I think the kids are finally feeling better. Lucy laughed today and I had to stop and think when was the last time I heard her laugh. It's been a long time...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OK, make that long couple of months...

I haven't been able to get on the computer at home much at all...Lucy and Aidan have been sick and fussy for weeks now. I am going to be so glad when all these illnesses have gotten out of the house! Last Tuesday Aidan was in horrible pain, so I took him to the doctor and he didn't have an ear infection yet, but the beginning signs of one. Friday I had to take both him and Lucy in. He ended up having 2 ear infections after never having them before...and Lucy's croup was lingering and her breathing was starting to sound bad. So this weekend he started an atibiotic and she finished hers up from the ER trip but she started some other medication for her breathing. Then Monday night she just kept crying uncontrollably and was up almost the whole night. So I took yesterday off, I was so tired and sick myself... take her into the doctor and she had another double ear infection, her 4th so far. Poor thing! We're going to hold our breath that she doesn't get another one and that spring brings the end of the sickies or she may have to get tubes in her ears. Oh and in between all that, I got pink eye, a cold, sore throat and the virus that makes me loose my voice again. I don't know how Tim and Duncan are avoiding it all...but the rest of us are pathetic!

So no picture taking lately. I'm getting the fancy version of photoshop in the mail soon, it'll make everything I do with my pictures faster and easier, so I'm kind of waiting for that to come before I play with the hundreds I have sitting on the computer still untouched.

OK, sorry for all the whining! Just my long way of letting you know we haven't disappeared and I will work on getting some new pictures up soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Long Weekend

The kids all started the weekend out with runny noses. I has the same thing last week and pretty much lost my voice for like 5 days. So Lucy and Aidan started sounding hoarse...I didn't think it was a big deal since when I had it I wasn't miserable, just couldn't talk. Saturday Lucy woke up from a nap and was having major problems breathing. She was desperately sucking in air in between cries. So I freaked out and took her to the ER. It ends up it was croup, and since she had it in December we had to do a chest x-ray. That was the strangest scariest thing. they put her in a clear plastic tube with her arms up. She got steriods and she's been so much better. She also got pink eye, which Duncan had 2 weeks ago and it's been gone since then. Poor girl, I'm going to have to put her in a bubble!
I took a bunch of pictures, but I didn't want to mess with them too much...I'm getting the good version of photoshop soon!! That will make things so much easier, so I'm going to wait until then to play with too many pictures. So for now, here are two I thought were cute: