Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Go to the bathroom before you read this...

Because if you're like me, you may pee your pants :)

Duncan brought this home from school yesterday...in case you can't translate first-grader it says:
I get the giggles when my dad farts because he says it smells like flowers.

And check out the artwork...the plumber-butt with smell waves coming out.

It's things like these that make a mother proud :) Can you imagine what his teacher was thinking?

And here's one of Lucy I took at mom's with her camera...she just came in from the cold. The pink furry coat is mine from back in the 70s!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lots of new ones...

Well, I only got 2 pictures at the waterpark...I was always holding Lucy so it was hard to take pictures too. Holding my camera one handed near water and splashing kids didn't seem too wise. But I had to get some pictures of Lucy in the cute swimsuit mom got her:

And she's sitting up by herself now! A little wobbly, but she's growing up so fast!

The boys went out in the snow on Valentine's Day, the day we all had off:

Ripley likes to catch snowballs!

Friday night we went to see Disney on Ice. The boys had a ball! We were 4th row, so got to see it all up close. At the end, I ran Aidan up the aisle and he got to high five Mickey and Goofy... definitely the highlight of his year.

Clapping, this was before he started eating the popcorn off the floor and putting it back in the tub, yum!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lady in Red

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We're snowed in! I was going to put these pictures up last night, but the great blizzard of 2007 knocked out our cable and therefore our internet. Duncan had yesterday and today off of school. Our companies let us leave at lunchtime yesterday and so far today too. So we're all hanging out at home, since they say you can be arrested for driving right now! Glad we figured out Lucy has another double ear infection and got her medicine before this all hit... You can't tell by the pictures she isn't feeling well:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yeah! Some good pictures!

Took a ton of pictures today. Here are a few I had a chance to work on...
Finally got all the kids to smile a little!

New outfit for Lucy that I love:

I just love that she sucks her thumb, the boys never did:

Ripley got in on the fun:
An artsy fartsy one of Aidan, if you look at it close (double-click) you can see why I wish I had his eyelashes:
And finally, what do you think babies pray for??

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rolls and ladybugs

I had to get some pictures of Lucy today. I just can't get over all her rolls and baby chub! I was talking to a real photographer at the career day I did at Duncan's school Friday and we got to talking about the baby parts collages he does. So I took a ton of Lucy parts, I just have to figure out how I want to do a collage.

Here are some...can you believe I think she is bigger than Duncan was? And he was a fatty ;) The third picture is her side and arm, the last...I hope she doesn't have to fight the butt and thigh fat like her mommy when she's older!

Tim has decided to take a job offer... we're excited, but we are going to have to put off our vacation plans for a while now. His start date was President's day, so he asked to start the next day so we could at least get a long weekend away. We're going to an indoor waterpark...so I went out and got Lucy a swim suit. And a terry hoodie to keep her warm :) Can you tell I'm loving the girl clothes thing? And does she not look like a cabbage patch kid the way she sucks her lips in? Every once in a while I'll see a dimple in one cheek too. The cabbage patch kid thing brings back memories...I've almost bought her one a couple times now. So I'm searching for a Lucy. I found one on eBay, Lucy Addison, with blue eyes and light brown hair...but it seems silly to pay almost $50 with shipping LOL!

And one more, last night the boys were dancing to get Lucy to laugh. Wish I got some better ones, but I got a cute video!