Saturday, December 30, 2006

Baby Jesus is not a happy camper

Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. Aside from the usual Christmas craziness, the wrapping, the toy assembly and battery trips, the rearranging the basement to try to fit more toys and games and books :) we've also had Tim's graduation:
(scroll down a bit and see if you recognize anyone)

We've painted the dining room (well Tim painted since Lucy is a Momma's girl, but I will touch up the edges someday!)

And Lucy has been battling bugs since Dec. 15. First it was the croup, which kept her (and me) up coughing several times a night. I would get up and run the shower to get some steam going at like 3 and 4 AM...then right after Christmas we went back to the doctor because she wasn't feeling any better and found out it turned into an ear infection. And now the antibiotics she's on are giving her stomach problems. And she's not sleeping well at all, so neither am I!

I've been going through all the Christmas pictures slowly, but just wanted to share one for now. Lucy was asked to be baby Jesus at the Children's mass on Christmas Eve. She did OK for the first 2 minutes and then decided to cry the rest of the time. Tim took this one right at the point where she was probably realizing that something was not right. Notice how she's holding Mary's hair, she always has my hair in her hands.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sugar crazies!

Tim took these pictures while we were feeding Lucy cereal for the first time, Aidan was riding the arm of the couch like a horse and well, Duncan is just Duncan:

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Freakin Christmas!!

Now that my cards are out and I know some of you have seen them, I will put up our alternate version. Not sure if it would have gone over well with everyone on our list...

If you can't see it clearly, I think if you click on it, it will open larger.

And I thought this was cool, I took a picture of Ripley and when I zoomed in on his eye, I could see a reflection of his legs in them: (hopefully you can see it on the web-sized version, if not well it's just Ripley's eye! )

Tim's graduation is tomorrow! I don't know if I will be able to get pictures or if it will be like Duncan's Christmas program where I couldn't get my camera out because I was trying to keep Lucy happy...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First grump of Christmas

Well, almost ready to get the Christmas cards out. So for now I will just show one of the out-takes from the "photo shoot" This was the first one I took, as you can see Duncan was overjoyed to get his picture taken:

Tonight I was playing a little with taking pictures of the tree in the dark with no flash...I was trying to get those little twinkly stars on the lights, pretty cool:

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another weekend gone...

I'm sitting here dreading the return to work... the weekend flew by like usual. Got a lot done, but never everything I need or want to.

I did get the kids pictures taken for our Christmas card. The 3 of them together didn't work like I was picturing. But I got some that will work. I also got a ton of "out-takes" that I'll put up here after I send them out. I'm not using Meijer again. I was going to get them printed from the online place I like, but I was worried about the time to ship, then address, then send so I went to Meijer. They cut off part of the lettering and left a white space on the other side I'll have to cut off all of them. UGH. After all that time trying to get the lettering in the perfect spot.

Here are a couple of Lucy in her cute new hat from yesterday:

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Not much new here...just glad tomorrow is Friday.

I thought Aidan looked so cute playing:

And Lucy looked so cute all budled up and sleeping tonight:

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day 6 and counting...

6 days of cleaning up puke and worrying about poor little Aidan wasting away :( I called the doctor again today and they didn't even want to see him. Just said we have to wait it out. And no milk. Guess what the only thing he wants is? Milk. Poor little guy. Doesn't evenwant popsicles anymore.

This was day 2, passed out mid-video:

I love the this one with the Christmas lights.

Lucy wore her snowman in honor of the snow we had this morning:

OK, I should get off to bed!!

Monday, December 04, 2006


Got hit with a stomach bug at our house this weekend. Went into Aidan's room Thursday night on my way to bed and he had thrown up all over. I brought him to my room and ended up sitting in the bathroom with him until 1 AM, he was throwing up like every 5-10 minutes. Poor guy was so freaked out too, never really got sick before, and he's too young to aim anywhere. Then I took him to bed with me with a stack of towels and he was up every 15-30 minutes until 5AM. So I stayed home with him and he seemed fine all day, then got sick again during his nap. Then Saturday he seemed fine again all day and got sick at 5, right before my company's Children's Christmas party. So he missed that... Sunday he was sick a bunch more in the afternoon and evening...but he was fine overnight. Tim is staying home with him today, and so far so good. It just seems like a really long bug and I'm worried about him being dehydrated. Tim and I both got sick in the middle of the night Saturday/Sunday, but it didn't last as long. My poor mom got it Saturday night too, and she only saw Aidan for a really short time Friday. I'm just really surprised Duncan and Lucy have been fine so far, knock on wood.

So I was planning on taking pictures for our Christmas cards over the weekend and that didn't happen. Probably next weekend now, it's just too dark at night in our house by the time I get home from work and my flash isn't very good. So if you get them late you know why...

Time to work, happy Monday!