Monday, April 28, 2008

New Blog, update your links please!!

I've been working on a new blog for a while now...doing a little here and there while images were processing and things like that. It's still not done, but I love it and wanted to put my last few session up there instead of here. You'll see why when you visit:

I will not be updating here anymore. All of my old posts have been transferred to the new blog. So I'll see you there :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Class of 2009 Senior Spokes Model

My first senior spokes model session of the year was tonight, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! We had the most beautiful sunlight and sunset.

N is so gorgeous it took me FOREVER to narrow it down to a few to show off. I don't think I had a single shot that wasn't perfect!

We had a blast, N is so much fun! And very attractive to the passing truckers, ha ha! It was one honk after another all night.

I love backlighting, the light was perfect...she's glowing!

Love this spot:

This spot too:

Doesn't she have the best smile and eyes?

And finally, some FUN:

Don't forget to click to view them larger! I am working on a new blog that will show them off big, hopefully soon...

Monday, April 21, 2008

New prop and my little mommy

I had another reschedule today since it looked like rain... it's going to be busy this week, I now have something every single day. But the weather is supposed to be beautiful! Since I had my camera all ready and a new prop I haven't used yet, I took Lulee (her latest nickname) out to snap a few.

Here is my favorite new find:

She is really a mini-mommy, it's so cute!

I treated this one a little vintagy to go with the outfit and stroller:

And finally, I had to add this one in, she is really the queen of the pout! She knows how to work it! (some tell me she gets this from me, he, he...)

I know I have some emails to get back to and I will tomorrow... I decided to enjoy the weekend, and then took tonight to get the ton of orders that came in out.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun maternity tonight

I had a maternity session tonight...isn't mom so pretty? She is due in exactly a month, I can't wait to meet her baby girl!

I love sun flare, can you see the rainbow on their jeans? I love the light at this time of gald the weather has been warming up!!

I REALLY love this shot... hopefully mom likes it too. I think her expression as she looks at her dog is priceless! It's a better watch it dog look :)

Something different, but I think I like it:

Tonight was fun guys! Can't wait to get together again in a few weeks!

I'm so excited for a nice weekend! 80 tomorrow, did I hear that right? yeah!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to normal

Hi! Well, my house is cleaned and organized, the dishes and laundry are done, and the fridge is full of leftovers...all signs that my in-laws just left!

And I have my computer set back up again and after a little head banging, back to normal.

Some news:

1 - The May child for the Emma Louise contest has been chosen and I will contact the family tomorrow. The rest of the families will be entered for June, that winner will be chosen April 30, if you weren't in the May drawing, email me and I will sign you up for June. Don't forget the drawings will be the end of each month now to allow more time to get the sessions scheduled in as I am "thisclose" to being fully booked until July.

2 - I am catching back up on sessions and email. I should be back on schedule with proofs and responded to all my emails tomorrow. If you are waiting for something from me please let me know!

3 - This has been in the works for a while, but I wanted to share with you all now that I have started ordering the displays... I am completely redecorating the Associates for Women's Health lobby and all other rooms. Check out their web site:
They are a wonderful group of midwives and an OB in Sylvania...I know there were several of my past babies that were delivered by this group :)

4 - I know I had a 4 and now have forgotten... I suppose I can talk about the weather! Thank goodness for this warmth and sun, yeah!!

5 - Oh yeah, I am "thisclose" to being fully booked until July. Contact me soon before I close sessions to newborns only.

6 - That reminds me about the maternity special, I've had questions from the moms who have booked so far. Your maternity and newborn sessions can be any time the rest of the year, you just need to contact me before April 30.

IF you read that all, thank you!! Pictures again tomorrow yeah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sal's Pals Cystic Fibrosis event last night!

Agh! With all that is going on here, I forgot to mention the auction I participated in last night... I just got this email, and I'm so excited that they brought in so much!!

"Thank you all that helped support Sal's Pals. We appreciate all that you do for us. We are SOOO happy to announce that last night's event made $63,500.00. Our event raises the most money in the area, and we are in the top 20 in the country! People were so generous last night, the Pinardo's are all very grateful."

Visit here: for more information!

We had built in babysittters and got to go out last night! We tried the new Granite City Brewery (yummy) and saw a movie out at Fallen Timbers. Leatherheads... I loved the old time imagery, and mmmm George Clooney LOL!

Back to visiting :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little break, in-laws visiting

I'm a little disconnected right now... my in-laws are in town from the West coast and their sleeping area is my computer area. I have been moving my computer at night to get some work done, or I would get really behind!! But I don't have internet access when I do that. So I am checking email sporatically, if you need to talk to me ASAP, call me, my number is on my website.

I also had 3 reschedules this last week, between the weather and out of town trips. So lots to come in the weeks ahead! It also means my weekends are starting to look really busy...definitely call or email me soon if you're thinking about a session.

Ugh this weather!! I got a cool new prop I want to try out soon, but outside!!

OK...until later, enjoy the weekend if you can! I'll attach a few new favorites from the proofs I just finished:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

MacQueens again!! Special mini-sessions...

These are going to be gorgeous, I'm so excited! I've contacted MacQueens again and got permission to hold mini sessions there again... I'm holding them in early May when the apple trees are all in full bloom...can you picture it?

I've got some great ideas for the shoot, but you'll have to contact me for more information!

This will be one of the limited mini sessions I offer each year, so if you are interested definitely let me know as soon as possible!

I know the blooms might appeal more to parent of girls, so I am going to cook up one more mini session this spring geared toward boys. I got a few good ideas and will be making phone calls this week...stay tuned and email me to hear more!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Growing up too fast...

Today I went out to see how much little B has grown since he 6 month and Christmas sessions, I can't believe he's 1 already!

We have an outdoor session scheduled for later this month, but mom and I wanted to get some in the same spots we had him for his earlier session. I LOVE doing this, I love taking photos in the same chair or bed, seeing how fast babies grow and change.

Remember this one? I use it on my materials a lot, I love it:

Here he is 6 months later:

And walking!

I love his baby blues and mom has the best hats:

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mr. Wiggles :)

I had a newborn session today... Mr. M was born over a month early! But he was doing well and while I thought he was teeny tiny at around 5 lbs. he was bigger than his older brother had been!

Little M was a real escape artist and wiggle worm. Whenever we put him down, even when he was sleeping, his legs and arms immediately popped out and started waving all over the place. I think his mom and dad are going to have a busy little guy when he can move around on his own.

Mom is a graphics artist and has the best taste in decorating her house! I wish I had gotten the boys in more of it! Definitely next time :) I had to include this ottoman, I want one!

I love new baby wrinkles:

Big brother was such a sweetie!

I had a chance to use my New Zealand wrap, doesn't he have the best hair?

It was so nice to meet you all!

I had caught up on my emails yesterday, but I have a ton of new ones... we went to Sidecut this morning, it was so beautiful out. Then working around the yard... then my session, then dinner, then bath and bedtime. The day just flew by. And now I am going to work on getting back to everyone. If you don't hear back from me today, tomorrow for sure!